BDB Taxise, Inc

BDB-Taxise, Inc. (“BDB-Taxise”) is an integral part of Taxise Asia LLC (“WTS Taxise”) in delivering transfer pricing (“TP”) projects and support to its operations. It is established based on the service delivery strategy that brings together the resources of the wider WTS Global network. BDB-Taxise positions itself as a centralized resources for TP solutions with experience handling local, regional and global projects. It acts as an in-house team with domain expertise to provide value and reasonable cost arbitrage.

BDB-Taxise provides a wide range of assistance – from routine to complex TP assignments – such as but not limited to benchmarking study, OECD BEPS compliance documentation (Local File, Master File and CbCR), TP audit assistance, financial modelling, design and implementation of TP policy, and completion of TP disclosure forms. We offer our services across various industries and intercompany transactions including those related to the pricing of goods, services, intangible properties, financing and other types of transfers within groups of companies.

Our team is well-versed in TP governance, in-house operations and advisory, and provide high quality, flexible solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

BDB-Taxise works synergistically with WTS Taxise and the WTS Global network by:

  • Creating and maintaining a dedicated team with strong knowledge and background on planning, operational and governance areas of TP
  • Leveraging on cost in TP benchmarking studies/analyses; and
  • Optimizing project delivery through standardization, consistency and efficiency.

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