Global Value Chains

The Asia Pacific region has become the central focal point for global value chains. Trade tensions between the U.S. and China, the proliferation of free trade agreements (“FTAs”) as well as changing cost structures create critical push and pull factors which require C-suites to constantly reassess their value chain structures.

Experts at Taxise Asia LLC (“WTS Taxise”) advise multinationals in anticipating and addressing global value chain challenges brought about by volatile trade relations and technological disruptions. Our team at WTS Taxise comprises experience international tax and trade lawyers who have worked extensively in the region. They have extensive experience in structuring supply chain and distribution strategies across Asia Pacific.

We also work with consultants who bring further insights on supply chain issues from the perspectives of academics with global and regional trade policy expertise to in-house professionals. This allows us to better advice clients on the strategic and practical issues that need to be addressed when implementing global value chain strategies.

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