International Tax & Permanent Establishment

Clients undertaking cross-border projects and transactions turn to Taxise Asia LLC (“WTS Taxise”) for advice on strategies and proactive measures in dealing with the ever evolving tax rules and complex legal frameworks across multiple Asia Pacific jurisdictions.

We provide both short-term and long-term assessments to cover not only tax regulations but also administrative obligations and costs at the onset of a cross-border project or assignment. We further help in structuring our clients’ activities in the most cost-efficient way to minimise tax expenses and risk exposures. This enables our clients to identify cost-relevant factors beforehand and include them in their project calculations.

During project execution, we also advise on contract negotiations or contract reviews pertaining to tax clauses and other tax relevant aspects.

In the event a permanent establishment (“PE”) abroad is actively established or assumed to exist, we assist, not only with registration with the competent authorities abroad but also with treaty analysis, economic computations and the crafting of position in regard to attribution of profits and income to the PE, and administration of such PE through its entire life cycle up to its dissolution. This includes assistance with local tax reporting and treaty obligations, transfer pricing, bookkeeping requirements and other PE tax compliance obligations.

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